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My new wine web-site in Russian

I’ve waited long enough and now my new web-project Elegantly Wasted ( is online. Why am I dong this? Firstly, quality wine media in Russia is so scarce that someone has to provide a place for opinions and sharing new wine knowledge. Running a large-scale wine mag is an expensive task, but Internet makes it a little bit easier. With this project I want to introduce Russian pros (sommeliers, wine

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The Russian market in crisis

The O2 lounge bar of Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, overlooking the Kremlin, seems unusually empty on Friday night. One of the few patrons having a drink is Roman Gazin, Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s export area manager for Russia and Eastern Europe. He’s there to talk about the unprecedented crisis that’s playing havoc with Russia’s wine market.

Time to bring your region’s wines to Russia. Seriously, it is.

If you think crisis is a bad time to enter the Russian market — you have another thought coming.

Drinking Russian in Moscow

As the rouble tumbles, making imports more expensive, Anton Moiseenko discovers that Russian wines are finally appearing on smart menus

Needin’ your wine in Russia

Hard to believe, but we, Russians, are no different from you. Our taste buds are there and actually working. And even an uneducated and potentially drunk villager from the provinces can tell whether that Puglian Primitivo is good for his health and whether it will lead to a pleasant nap or to a horrible hangover.

A toast to Putin: regulation of the alcohol market as a political power management tool

Increasing alcohol prices is good for the nation’s health, but bad for the politicians’ ratings.

If Tim Atkin was Russian

MOSCOW. Tim, I’ve been watching you and your friends for some time now and make no mistake: you seem to have problems with your so-called wine writing. You’re being snobbish. And sarcastic at times. Our State language experts proved it. Don’t expect that being snobbish will help you in Russia: our people rarely have enough sense of humor to realise you’re being snobbish.

Lie about it: 6 ways to tell a winemaker his wine really sucks

It’s not altogether easy to live in the today’s wine world for an honest person. One has to lie, deceive and be cunning. And sometimes even tell the truth – and nothing but the truth. Don’t object and don’t mislead yourselves, just remember the last time you told yourself after tasting a really bad wine: “it will be too bad to tell the truth”, “I don’t want to hurt him”,

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Why nobody cares about your wine tasting notes — and never did

Nobody cares. Period. But don;t start tearing your hear out right away, it’s not all so bad. It’s just how life works, I figured it yesterday evening. Playing a game of wine critic is rewarding in many ways, it improves your physical state and self-esteem. “Yes, you can!”, that’s how it works. In the end your ability to describe a wine in terms that even a University professor cannot figure

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