Vinitaly’s judgement revolution

With new technological developments Vinitaly’s International Wine Competition stepped further than other rivals. VeronaFiere has put the wine judgement experience to an ultimate end of relaxation where points calculations and endless paperwork are nonexistent and wine judges can relax and easily smoke a cigarette in between two wines.

The Russian wine bid

Welcoming me in a luxury-furnitured room painted with Damien Hirst butterflies all around, the head of Sotheby’s auction house’ wine department Serena Sutcliffe MW is elegantly dressed in black. There is not less of a girl in her than one could expect at her age – just the opposite. Yet, some of her business partners would probably say she is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

The scent of Georgia

Geogian wines are making their way back to the shelves of the Russian supermarkets and wine shops. And to the portfolios of fine wine importers. A former colleague at Pernod Ricard, Nukri Kurdadze, Brand Ambassador for wines portfolio, wrote an interesting piece on the state of Georgian wines in Russia. The piece is originally called Welcome to Sovok. Means a lot to Russians.

Russian wine writers: who are they?

I am not afraid of furious remarks from well-known Russian wine writers. I admit I’m unwell myself. In my dreams I am an editor of Decanter and, sometimes, The World of Fine Wine – a pronounced psychical disability. But maybe I am not alone. There are a bunch of us, Russians, writing about wines. But this doesn’t make me happy at all, I am mostly not proud of my colleagues.