The Verdicchios money can’t buy

One might be tired of the same old story, but you know what: definitely not of the wines. The recent “Old but Gold” tasting of older Verdicchios of Marche, the region where mountains date the sea on a regular basis, proved once again: in “golden” hands every grape gets a chance


Needin’ your wine in Russia

Hard to believe, but we, Russians, are no different from you. Our taste buds are there and actually working. And even an uneducated and potentially drunk villager from the provinces can tell whether that Puglian Primitivo is good for his health and whether it will lead to a pleasant nap or to a horrible hangover.


If Tim Atkin was Russian

MOSCOW. Tim, I’ve been watching you and your friends for some time now and make no mistake: you seem to have problems with your so-called wine writing. You’re being snobbish. And sarcastic at times. Our State language experts proved it. Don’t expect that being snobbish will help you in Russia: our people rarely have enough…

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