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New wines coming to Russia, news about the importers of fine wines

Russian sanitary regulator eases the pain. A bit.

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Russian certification and regulating body – Mr. Onischenko’s RosPotrebNadzor  (in plain English – the Federal Bureau Supervising Customers’ Rights and Human Well-Being) – has just issued a document that partially eases the burden on the wine importers in Russia and on their partners abroad. The document dated 13.12.2010 reads among the other things that there’s…

Cristal changes importer

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It’s official — the world-famous Champagne House — Louis Roederer — has changed its wines importer in Russia. This news was a tremendous result of almost 2,5 years of negotiations the Champagne house has been conducting with different importers in Russia. Obviously not satisfied with the job done by his former importer Vinicom, the management…

Hidden losses of Russian wine importers

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I never stop wondering about the communication abilities of Russian wine importers. You will get unbelievably surprised looking at web-sites of those who represent the most famous brands in the world. But most of Russian importers don’t bother themselves with communicating – why should they? A long living and well-established importer — Vinicom — is…

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